Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bookworms for the Class

It's Sweet Sunday!! Here's hoping that you get to have a nice relaxing and fun day with family and/or friends. That's my plan today.

So school's out - and we have had a week off so far. Well hmm - I guess it's about time I post my end of school projects, huh? LOL

I have a bunch of pictures to share - so I'll keep this short and sweet. I had fun making gifts for the teachers, other school staff, and a bookmark for each kiddo in my son's class. The first picture is of the gifts I made for Tyler's teacher. I also included some chocolate- HAVE to give something tasty!

Then a close-up of the tin. The tin was approximately 3"x3". I put a bunch of 1.5"x2" post-it notes inside. Can't have enough of those. Isn't this apple and worm ADORABLE?!?! It is from the stamp set Bookworm by Our Craft Lounge. ACK - I was so excited to make this ensemble using this set!

I made some of Val's desktop notecard holders - OMW - they are SO CUTE and SO EASY to make - thanks to Val's brilliant mind and fantastic tutorial. THANK YOU VAL FROM CAL!

I love having bags around in the house in case I need to put a gift together. These bags were PERFECT! I just stamped up a couple of apples (Stampin' Up! image) and voila - the bags were adorable!

Here are the little tags I made for each bag. Using Nestabilities, I put a simple tag together (white version on the back so I could write the "to" and "from" information). Added a little bit of star bling and I was happy!

And last but certainly not least, the bookmarks. The stamp set Bookworm is PERFECT for any school gifts you might want to make. As soon as I saw the set, I knew that I would be making bookmarks for all of Tyler's classmates (and the teachers) at the end of the year. I loved making them - put each kid's name on the bottom of their bookmark, and laminated them.
Hope your day is AWESOME!


Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

These are all so adorable, Heather! I want to make some of those desktop notecard holders. . .LOVE them! You've inspired me to get a move on tonight!

QC said...

SUPER cute stuff. I can't believe TylernotTy's teacher is Mrs. Tarentino. Ask......any relation to Quentin? *wink*

Debbie said...

Oh...My...Good Gravy girl! YOU ROCK! These are flippin ADORABLE!!!!